Barnes & Noble BOOK SIGNING, November 12, 2005

Signing Pink Butterbeans storefront Saturday afternoon--
Pink butterbean cookies by Susie Dunham;
Flowers from Colleen Speroff

With Susie Dunham, Colleen Speroff, and Chance Chambers

Butterbean books and butterbean cookies
and Meet the Writers signs, oh my!

With Susie and Chance

Signing Pink Butterbeans

About 60 people stopped by to visit and buy a signed copy
of Pink Butterbeans. I ran out of books!
(Suzanne, Pam, and Carol)

Signing for a customer and neighbors Carol and Mike

Lois, a neighbor

Signing and chatting on a busy afternoon

Chatting and signing -- sniffing delicious cookies!

Gloria, Hannah, and Chance

Pam and Carol and friends in the background

Pink Butterbeans on the shelf

Signing -- beautiful flowers!

A bunch of colleagues, friends, family, and fellow writers

Signing for Gloria, who is giving all her friends and family Pink Butterbeans for Christmas

It was a great day! Lots of fun and very successful!

Pink Butterbeans in the front window

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